Walbro GSS351 350LPH - High Pressure Fuel Pump (11mm Inlet - W/Outlet)

Walbro GSS351 350LPH - High Pressure Fuel Pump (11mm Inlet - W/Outlet)


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GSS 39MM Fuel Pump Family Design Update: Generation 3 (G3)


Walbro / TI Automotive has made pump outlet updates to our popular line of 255LPH 39MM Gerotor fuel pumps. The new outlet design is engineered to improve fitting robustness while maintaining the current electrical connection configuration. The update retains our proven pump technology and these third generation pumps will continue to be manufactured in the Caro, MI plant. With the updated outlet design, we will be superseding the current GSS340, GSS341, and GSS342 pumps.


Walbro / TI Automotive GSS350G3, GSS351G3, GSS352G3 Fuel Pumps 600+ horsepower!


Walbro / TI Automotive's new GSS fuel pumps are lapping the field with increased flow rates of 350 lph. Our proven, robust gerotor technology is inside every 39mm straightwall GSS 350, perfect for forced induction (turbocharged and supercharged) applications. We've launched three 350 lph pump versions giving you multiple options to fuel your adrenaline because fast matters!