Visconti Tuning A90 / A91 Supra Sequential Port Injection Kit


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Visconti Tuning is proud to announce several new advancements for the B58 Toyota Supra platform. The latest release is our Plug & Play Sequential port injection kit that is completely controlled over CANBUS. This kit also has the ability to drive more than one PWM output for a secondary fuel pump, externally gated boost control, methanol or nitrous.


This kit will enable the ECM to run true flex fuel even when port injection is added. Other popular systems don’t have the ability to adjust fuel volume proportional to the ethanol content. This eliminates the need to change the port injection tune when running different ethanol blends.

By driving the port injection through the factory ECM, the system has the ability to properly control fuel volume during decel to prevent over fueling.

  • MOTIV RE|FLEX with Visconti Firmware
  • Visconti Plug & Play Sequential Injector Harness
  • Visconti Plug & Play Controller Harness
  • Visconti Plug & Play Engine Integration Harness
  • Visconti Flex Fuel Port Injection Fitting
  • Fuel Pressure Sensor (150PSI)
  • EcuTek RaceRom
  • Visconti Flex Fuel Kit
  • Port Injection Rail Kit + Forge or FTP Charge Pipe