Visconti Tuning 2020 Supra A90 / A91 Flex Fuel Kit

Visconti Tuning 2020 Supra A90 / A91 Flex Fuel Kit


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Visconti Tuning is proud to announce a ground breaking offering to the Supra MKV Community! 


TRUE FlexFuel support for the B58 Platform!! And when we say “true FlexFuel support,” we really mean we’ve created a solution that adapts to the fuel mixture in your tank and adjusts your performance accordingly! This means no more worrying about which map you need to be on, no more running your tank to empty before switching fuels, and no more need to concern yourself with “timing” your fill ups to avoid a) running out of gas, and b) ensuring there’s an Ethanol station close by to make sure you won’t find yourself in the situation where you’re “forced” back into the pumpgas map, simply due to the lack of readily available Ethanol when you need it (as so many of our customers have found themselves in). THIS is the solution you’ve been waiting for! 

  • Zeitronix ECA2-CAN (Ethanol Content Analyzer)
  • Ethanol Content Sensor
  • Visconti 3/8 to 5/16 Custom Fitting
  • Visconti 3/8 to 5/16 Custom Fuel Line
  • Visconti Plug & Play Wiring Harness