TiAL MVS Wastegate 38mm With All Springs


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TiAL’s MV-S wastegate offers a whole lot of performance in a very small package. This new ultra compact wastegate stands only 3.7″ in height (vs the traditional 38mm WG’s at 4.85″). Other features include 3 bottom pressure ports for easy install and fitting access and a top mount pressure port that can be rotated 6 different ways. V-band wastegate and manifold connections (no more bolts or gaskets!) and they also altered the way the diaphragm sits so it is virtually impossible to pinch for better serviceability. Each Wastegate comes with a full set of springs so you can fine-tune your desired settings

• High temp NiCrFe based alloy valve and 347SS valve housing offer longer product life compared to competing designs
• High temperature silicone Nomex reinforced actuator diaphragm
• 17-7 PH Stainless Steel actuator spring gives consistent pressure at high temperature and resists "relaxing" up to 900F (483C)
• Nitronic 60 Stainless Steel is used for the valve seat, and valve bushing
• All Stainless Steel hardware
• Mating weld flanges are 304L
• Color anodized aluminum actuator (Silver, Red, Blue, Purple, Black)
• Ultra compact design fits in very tight spaces, the unit stands only 3.7" tall, more compact than any other external wastegate on the market today
• 3 lower ports and two top ports for easy install, no need to rotate the actuator top at all, plugs included for unused ports.
• V-Band inlet and outlet make install easy, flanges and clamps are in the box!
• Integrated -4AN water cooling ports that cycle a small amount of coolant through the actuator top to keep the temperatures down in extreme conditions such as road racing. These are leak tested after installation from the factory and can be removed if not utilized.


MVS Wastegate:

• Flange Materials: 304L Stainless
• Pipe Size for Inlet Flange: 1.75" OD
• Pipe Size for Outlet Flange: 1.50" OD
• Springs Included for .3 BAR to 1.7 BAR
• Thread Air Ports: M10 x 1.0
• Thread Water Ports: M8 x 1.0


TiAL V-Band Clamps:

• V-Band clamps and flanges are manufactured in house at TiAL Sport.
• CNC machined stainless steel clamps and flanges ensure a secure and pressure tight fit.


Water Cooled Actuator Top:

• Patent pending water cooling.
• Two -4AN water ports.
• Coolant passes through actuator bottom and has very little affect on cooling system as a whole.

(1) MVS Assembly
(1) MVS Valve Seat
(2) TiAL -4AN Removable Water Fittings
(1) Inlet Flange
(1) Inlet Clamp
(1) Outlet Flange
(1) Outlet Clamp
(2) TiAL Air Fittings
(3) Plugs for Unused Air Ports
(6) Actuator Springs