Skunk2 B16A B18C VTEC 81.50MM/3.208" MAX BORE 0.85MM/0.033" THICK THICK Honda Head Gasket


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Skunk2 Head Gasket Honda/Acura B16A B18C VTEC 81.50MM / 3.208" MAX BORE 0.85MM / 0.033" THICK


Multiple Layer Steel (MLS) type of gaskets have increased strength against vibration and corrosion, and have of multi-layers of steel with an additional sealing layer. This additional layer is an HR-180 rubber coating for superior sealing. MLS head gaskets are the proven choice for high-performance engines.


Stopper type gaskets come in several styles, all with extra material strategically sandwiched between the layers to improve sealing against the increased power and vibrations found in high-performance engines. These types of gaskets are also ideal for installation when there is minimal surface around the combustion chamber or cylinder walls, i.​e.​, due to boring for additional cylinder size.

  • MLS (Multiple Layer Steel) Gasket
  • Laser Welded
  • Plastic Resin Coated
  • HR-180 Fluoroelastomer Synthetic Rubber Coated
  • Excellent Flange Conformability for Superior Sealing
  • Heat-Resistant to 250°C / 482°F