MCA Pro Comfort Coilovers For Mitsubishi Evolution X


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  • 3 Years Warranty

The MCA Pro-Comforts are designed for maximising comfort but also incorporating a very enjoyable level of handling for street applications with a medium range of height adjustment. The boost in handling whilst keeping comfort levels high is thanks to MCAs latest valving, Fusion Valving, along with a more thorough and dedicated development program.

Rugged Spec

Taking Bamber Spec to the next level, Rugged Spec literally doubles down by overhauling the major sealing component designs to build in sealing redundancy. Essentially this means all of the sealing points inside the dampers now have a backup. This is a relatively new design concept but we’re confident it will take the reliability and durability of MCA Suspension products to a whole new level.


Damper Adjustment

Our dampers come with 12 clicks of damper adjustment between hard and soft settings. Each click is quite powerful and very noticeable. The way the damper adjuster works, is it controls the flow of an amount of oil that bypasses the valving system. Closing (setting harder) the adjuster restricts oil flow making the damper firmer and more controlled, while opening (setting softer) the adjuster allows the oil to flow easier which makes the damper softer and less controlled.


Height Adjustment

Our dampers come with height adjustment which controls the ride height of the vehicle. Contrary to most other products around this price point, MCA Suspension products use “Critical Length Technology rather than “base height adjustment” meaning that instead of using the bottom mount position to adjust the ride height, the spring seat position is adjusted instead. This is the same system as used on true, high end suspension products. MCA Suspension always builds as much height adjustment into our products as realistically possible, however the exact amount my vary vehicle to vehicle and product to product for a number of reasons.


Assembled & Designed in Australia

All of our products are assembled in Australia by our highly trained team. All of our suspension setups have been designed in Australia by MCA Suspension. Unlike many of our competitors, no copied setups here. Even the large majority of individual components used in MCA Suspension products (including mounts, springs, internal sealing components, spring seats, shafts, etc) have been designed by MCA Suspension.


Monotube Design

Generally speaking, regarding vehicle suspension, there are two types of dampers in the way that they operate internally. Monotube and Twin-Tube. Twin-Tubes often are cheaper alternatives and don’t have the same potential as Monotubes (for example, most factory dampers and cheaper factory replacement dampers are twin-tubes). MCA Suspension only uses Monotube Suspension, as does all true high-end suspension brands.


Fusion Valving

Having done rigorous testing with a variety of valving styles and configurations over the years, we wanting to create a new style of valving that bridged the gap between track and street use. Our goal was to remove the stigma that track orientated suspension has to be uncomfortable to optimise performance or that comfortable street suspension can't provide effective stability at the track. The result of our efforts is FUSION VALVING! Fusion Valving achieves less compromise between comfort and handling, provides a wider damper adjustment range, and achieves silent operation throughout years of use.

MCA Suspension offers one of the best (if not the best) 3 year warranty around for suspension components. This warranty covers bushes, bearings, rubbers and seals. However we often cover more (this is decided on a case by case basis) as we strive to make sure that the experience our customers have when using our products is the best possible. One of the main areas we differ to our competitors is that we also go out of our way to help make sure that any warranty claims are handled in a speedy and extremely convenient manner.