HKS Racing Suction Kit Subaru WRX 2014-2021

HKS Racing Suction Kit Subaru WRX 2014-2021


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HKS Racing Suction Reloaded Kits have been developed as the leading intake system for high performance applications. Each kit features aluminum suction pipes that have been tested for optimal air flow. Included in each kit is HKS' Reloaded filter with its patented Super-Funnel and new technical advances.

  • Kit includes Super Power Flow and Aluminum Suction pipe. Polished aluminum pipe improves engine room appearance.
  • Enjoy a distinctive induction sound.
  • Improving an air intake efficiency, HKS changed from flexible stock rubber hose to aluminum pipe. This significantly reduces an airflow restriction at an HKS flow bench test compared to the stock intake system.
  • Removable air duct (air guide) which has a wide opening is newly designed. This can be directly used stock ECU even for the normal vehicle or the vehicle with a custom muffler. You can reduce more air intake resistance, removing the air guide.

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