HKS Intercooler Kit For Nissan Silvia/200SX S14/S15

HKS Intercooler Kit For Nissan Silvia/200SX S14/S15


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Cooling Efficiency Improvement = Torque Increase

The cooling efficiency of an intercooler is affected by many factors including the frontal surface area of the core, cooling fin design and air flow through and over the core. HKS has increased the size of the core over stock to increase the air flow over the core.


New type cooling fin now offers improved heat radiation. Core end tanks have been designed to flow the compressed air evenly across the whole intercooler core. All these factors will maximize reduction of intake air temperature which increases air density. Increasing the range of fueling and ignition setting making it possible to deliver more power and torque.


S TYPE Intercooler Kit

This intercooler is designed for street use; ideal for stock vehicles, lightly tuned vehicles, and for vehicles with stock replacement type turbines. This product has an excellent balance of response in street driving and power in the mid to high RPM range.