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GrimmSpeed Intercoolers have set the gold standard of how a high performance heat exchanger should be crafted. Our intercoolers have always maintained the delicate balance of low pressure drop and high temperature rejection, which is vital to safety and performance for your turbocharged Subaru engine. How can we possibly improve upon what is already touted as the best?  The answer is exactly what enthusiasts have been anticipating for years:  Introducing the GrimmSpeed 2015+ WRX and STI Front Mount Intercooler Kits! 

Our existing line of GrimmSpeed Top Mount Intercoolers are a fantastic choice for enthusiasts, they can handle what most street cars can throw at them without breaking a sweat, but we know there are lots of builders pushing their engines to the limit and beyond. With that in mind, we wanted to create an intercooler that took the tried and true GrimmSpeed design criteria and methodology and push it to be able to handle ridiculous power levels. The result is a front mount Intercooler kit with the same great fit and finish you can expect from GrimmSpeed parts that will handle over 800HP and still keep going!

The core is the most important aspect of the intercooler. It’s difficult to design the most efficient core possible; get it right and you have phenomenal results, get it wrong and you end up with an expensive paperweight. We were able to channel over a decade of intercooler production knowledge into creating a totally custom design from the ground up with our tested internal and external specifications to maximize the performance and deliver the best cooling option on the market. The beautiful cast aluminium end tanks were carefully designed alongside the core for the most efficient and optimal flow characteristics for all driving situations. The result of our hard work is an intercooler designed, welded and tested right here in Minneapolis, MN by a team of skilled engineers and welders with extremely minimal pressure drop and extraordinary heat rejection.

Along with amazing performance, perfect vehicle fitment and mounting are essential. We designed robust steel mounting brackets that will keep the unit from shifting around even during hard track driving. We learned from other manufacturer’s shortcomings and improved upon them. Unlike other kits, our front mount intercoolers retain a HUGE core, but do not require cutting portions of your bumper cover or light housings, and don’t require replacing or relocating components such as the washer tank or coolant reservoir in order for the piping to fit.

An impressive core like the one we’ve designed means nothing without a complimentary, properly-engineered piping kit. GrimmSpeed kits are comprised of thick aluminum tubing, precisely machine-bent with large radius bends for maximum flow and perfect fitment every time. The pipes are bead rolled at each end to lock together with the included 5-ply silicone couplers so you don’t have to worry about blow offs under high boost. They are then covered in gorgeous, durable red or black wrinkle powdercoat finish that looks incredible and matches your other GrimmSpeed parts!  

• 27”x11”x4" Cross Flow Core – Durable Bar and Plate Construction, balanced perfectly between pressure drop and heat rejection
• Cast Aluminium End Tanks – Designed for equal flow distribution and minimum pressure drop
• Steel Bolt-on Mounting Brackets – Robust mounting solution to minimize movement and maximize adjustability
• Virtually No Permanent Vehicle Modification – Only two tiny ribs need to be removed from the OEM undertray and a few simple cuts to the splash guard
• Compatible With factory or GrimmSpeed Intake – [Removal of snorkel required; GrimmSpeed Intake recommended for maximum performance]
• Pressure Tested – Cleaned, sealed and guaranteed to work prior to delivery
• Available in Raw Aluminium or Satin Black Powdercoat– Uncoated or resilient powdercoat finish to protect against rock chips
• High Quality, Pre-applied GrimmSpeed Vinyl Decal – Show your pride for the BEST front mount intercooler on the market, or easily peel it off.
• No tune required – No change in maximum boost or time to spool
• Welded and Inspected by Hand in Minneapolis, MN - For consistency and top quality control


• Thick .090” Wall, 2.5” Diameter 6061 Aluminium Piping – Beadrolled and CNC mandrel bent on a large radius for max flow; lightweight and heat dispersant
• Precision Pipe Routing - Retain factory components and avoid unnecessary trimming
• Retains Factory Fog Light Mounting
• 5-ply Silicone Couplers – Custom molded and reinforced to last through demanding environments
• Breeze Hi-Torque Liner Clamps – Stainless steel for lasting looks and grip with integrated liner to prevent damage to silicone
• Durable Red or Black Wrinkle Powdercoat – Keeps pipes protected against corrosion while looking great. A perfect match to your other GrimmSpeed parts!
• OEM Bypass Valve Location – Eases installation and allows for use of most aftermarket BPVs

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