Fujitsubo Authorize R (Type-S) Suit Subaru BRZ/Toyota 2013 - Current


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Muffler Option
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Lightweight Press Mold Flange

A lightweight press mould flange has been implemented in the product dissection department to research lightweight technology. Intense strength of t=2.3mm has been achieved (some products not included).


Donut type Joint

Stress on the exhaust system has been successfully decreased through high quality flex joints. Vibration from engine and chassis are absorbed by the flex joint reducing stress to the exhaust system.


Lightweight Hollow Pipe Hanger

Use of Lightweight hollow pipe hangers allows for more than 50% weight reduction and at the same time, is more efficient in preventing the support rubber from detaching, when compared to a solid equivalent.


Thin Hanger Baseplate

Concentration of stress is prevented through the base plate.


SUS304 Stainless Welded Parts

TIG welding is used exclusively for a combination of strength and durability, as well as a high quality finish.


Straight Layout

Through research is performed on each application to find the most efficient and free flowing path for the exhaust from the main pipe to the exhaust tip.

Pipe diameter

60.5 mm


Tip diameter

  • 117 mm


Noise (closed @4500rpm)

  • 89 db


  • Cat-Back
  • Stainless Steel