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In the late 80’s Honda introduced the Civic Wagon with RT4WD for the average consumer to pack groceries in and go camping with the family on the weekends.
Fast forward 30 years later, someone figured out that this technology could be used to propel later model Honda Civics and Integra’s (Even a lone Mitsubishi) to 7second 1/4mile times and upwards of 1400+whp. This is where we stepped in, to develop a 2pc Carbon Fiber driveshaft that would live up to the task in our proven 2.75″ diameter Carbon Fiber material, utilizing Billet Aluminum bond ends and solid u-joints, along with our Proprietary 108mm CV stub design with Viscous Mount Adapter to eliminate any weak points in the driveshaft assembly. Proven technology that has already seen multiple 7-second passes, only from The Driveshaft Shop.


Please Note: This is made to order

*Please Note –Since there is no standard location for viscous coupler mounting, these are considered custom parts, and MEASUREMENTS MUST BE PROVIDED TO ORDER”

We are providing the 2 sections of driveshaft and mounting adapters ONLY. You will need to source and mount the AWD differential and Viscous coupler in order to provide the necessary measurements to be able to order this driveshaft. No, we cannot source or provide any Honda AWD differentials or viscous couplers.


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