Cusco Roll Cage - 6 Point (BRZ/86)

Cusco Roll Cage - 6 Point (BRZ/86)

965 261 E

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Cusco has a wide range of Steel roll bars and cages available for many popular applications.


Cusco pays careful attention to detail when designing these steel roll cages and bars, so that the roll cages come out as light and rigid as possible. This includes positioning the mounts where they are most effective at increasing rigidity, such as on suspension mounts.


Click on the image to see the different roll cage options (# of points). A 4-point steel roll bar weighs about 30lbs, a 6-point steel cage weighs about 53lbs, and a 8-point steel cage weighs about 70lbs. A 4-point chromoly bar weighs about 23lbs, a 6-point chromoly cage weighs about 42lbs, and a 8-point chromoly cage weighs about 51lbs.

  • The lightweight joints used increase safety with competition roll bar layout.
  • Mounted in locations that increase body rigidity.
  • Cusco's bar layout is designed from their extensive racing experience. Their cage structures are designed based on feedback from the track so the cages work as good as they look.
  • Japanese MOT recognized roll bar.
  • Seating capacity maybe restricted on some roll bars.
  • 8 point roll bar may not be fitted on some cars.