HKS Hipermax Touring Height Adjustable Springs A90 MKV Supra 2020+

HKS 80280-AT001

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Recently, a lot of high performance cars feature electronic control of damping force adjustment. HKS assumed it would be best to keep stock electronic control system but add additional flexibility and offers a height adjustable spring. 


HKS height adjustable spring kits are a great alternative to conventional springs. With the included height adjuster, it is possible to select the height that is best suited to your need for a more comfortable and sporty ride. This spring kit allows you to keep your OEM electronic damping control intact while still giving you the ability to lower the car to your desired ride height.

Spring Rate N/mm (kgf/mm)

  • F=43(4.3)
  • R=117(11.9)


Lowering Amount (mm)

  • F = 25 to 48
  • R = 20 to 53