AVO Turboworld Raw Tank Top Mount Intercooler Kit Subaru Levorg/Forester XT/Liberty GT/WRX 2015+


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Heat is the enemy.  Heat saps performance, reduces engine life, and in extreme cases, can kill your motor.  AVO Turboworld has Top Mount Intercoolers that are an ideal bolt-on upgrade for stock or upgraded turbochargers running in the stock location.  


The AVO V2 Top Mount Intercoolers are made from an aluminium bar and plate core with SEMI POLISHED RAW cast aluminium end tanks for a direct replacement part.  


These were designed specifically to provide the best flow and cooling while bolting up to the factory location.  We use our specially designed finn structure in our cores to flow the best CFM along with ideal temperature drop for safer intake air temperatures.  


The standard factory intercooler setup is quite inefficient and does not allow your engine to produce anywhere near its full potential plus the downfall with cracking of the plastic end tanks.  


The AVO V2 TMIC Intercooler upgrade kit allows your engine to unleash the horsepower simply through less back pressure.  This will allow your turbocharger to increase up to 1~2 PSI in boost and this power is found everywhere on the rpm band, making your car much more fun to drive.  Better response and a deeper well of torque to dip into!  


AVOTurboworld V2 TMIC intercoolers use a heat dispersing coating on the intercooler finn and have seen good results.  From initial testing, we have seen a 5 degree reduction in temperature using this coating on the finn area of the intercooler.  


This will help the heat soak issue on stationary air flow in traffic, etc....  With no paint on the intercooler the 175c inlet air temperature was 101c on the outside of the intercooler. 


The outlet side of the intercooler was 38c which was 5 degrees over ambient temperature. With the heat dispersing paint on the intercooler the 175c inlet air temperature was 113c on the outside of the intercooler.  


The outlet side of the intercooler was 33c which was the same as ambient temperature.  This is how ceramic paint is meant to work, it reflects the heat which in turn keeps the internals cooler as it is not affected as much by the external heat.  


The AVO Turboworld V2 TMIC comes with a high pressure Black Silicone Throttle Body Hose with reinforcing to use with the stock or AVO Turboworld V2 top mount intercoolers. 


This hose increases flow and is more durable than the stock hose which is prone to leaking under high boost pressures and will also make it easier to install an AVO V2 Raw TMIC.  

  • Core Size: 12.75 x 10.25 x 3.5 Inches
  • Cast Aluminium Intercooler Tanks
  • Silicone Throttle Body Hose
  • Throttle Body Hose Clamps
  • Blow-Off Valve Gasket
  • Fitting Instructions
  • Subaru Impreza WRX EJ25 (2015+)
    Subaru Liberty GT EJ25 (2010-2015)
  • Subaru Outback XT EJ25 (2010-2013)
  • Subaru Levorg GT-S FA20F (2014+)
  • Subaru Levorg GT FB16 (2014+)
  • Subaru Forester XT FA20F (2014-2018)