AVO Turboworld Race Top Mount Intercooler System - Includes TGV + Silicon Turbo Discharge Hose Subaru Levorg/WRX 2015+


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Race Top Mount Intercooler System with TGV & Silicon Turbo Discharge Hose

With customers wanting more and more horsepower these days but wanting the upgrades to be very factory like in appearance AVO Turboworld decided that instead of coming up with a front mount intercooler that not only does not maintain a factory external appearance but also interferes with crash protection systems, that it would design a very high performing top mount intercooler in conjunction with a very effective air scoop to bring more volume of cold air into the engine. 


As part of our research and testing we wanted to avoid the heatsink issues that some intercoolers on the market suffer from due to the core being too thick and therefore it takes a long time for the temperatures to come down after stop and start running. If the car is driven hard while waiting for the temperatures to come down the risk of detonation occurring is increased. 


To minimize the time it takes for temperatures to reduce we were very selective in getting the best combination of a bigger size to improve the flow and a thickness that responds quickly to airflow which resulted in the final size being longer but not overly thick, in conjunction with our in house designed air scoop the finished design offers excellent temperature control.


We tested extensively during the summer when ambient temperatures are in the 37 C – 40 C ranges and the impressive thing was how quick the temperatures dropped after having risen while sitting stationery in traffic.  Accelerating hard down the road saw the intercooler air temperature back to ambient by the time we were between 30 and 50 km/h. 


In addition to the excellent thermal efficiency this intercooler has a very high flow rate, running at 18 psi boost there is virtually zero boost loss across the intercooler.

The 17” long by 7.5” wide by 4.5” thick bar and plate intercooler core features NIC Industries thermal coating on the fins that we use for all our top mounted intercoolers. 


The high flow intercooler end tanks are cast in our in-house aluminium foundry. 

We supply a moulded reinforced silicon hose that goes from the intercooler discharge to the throttle body as well as hose clamps, bolts, nuts, washers, and bracketry are in the kit.


This kit also comes with the high flow 5 ply Silicone Intercooler hose which connects between the turbo and the top mounted intercooler.  It is stronger than the OEM unit that is prone to cracking where the BOV connects. The AVO Turboworld Silicone intercooler hose has a much larger inner diameter for air flow, this provides a big improvement in air flow to the intercooler. 


So why silicone over a steel pipe?  The silicone has no heat transfer and keeps the under bonnet temperature down.  It is designed to work with the OEM BOV as well, or any aftermarket BOV that fits in the stock location.  Comes with a steel adaptor flange, all gaskets and hose clamps necessary for a correct fitment.


The in house designed and manufactured air scoop includes the large fibreglass air scoop, large aluminium bonnet air guide, and all necessary mounting components.

As this is intercooler is designed as a serious performance upgrade, one of the kits include our TGV. Without these the true benefits of this intercooler kit can not be realised. 


After installing the TGV it will be necessary to get the vehicle tuned for the new setup.

  • Subaru Impreza WRX 2015+
  • Subaru Levorg GT & GT-S 2014+