AVO Turboworld OEM Style Billet Aluminium Plumb-Back BOV

AVO Turboworld OEM Style Billet Aluminium Plumb-Back BOV


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AVOT urboworld OEM Style Plastic Blow-off Valve are essential to reliable performance for turbocharged engines.  


As you build air pressure in your system (boost), it can suddenly find itself with nowhere to go when you let off the throttle or in between gear shifts. Once the throttle plate closes boost just builds up with no exit point but to go back through the turbocharger.  


So a blow-off valves job is to vent all that built-up pressure back into the system or out to atmosphere.  This allows the turbo to continue spinning freely.  This is important not just for pressurizing the air going into the engine, it is also important for the exhaust gases going out of your engine as they run through the turbo exhaust side to spin it up.  

  • Subaru BRZ/Toyota 86 Turbo