AVO Turboworld 3 1/2" Core with Larger Silicon Intercooler Hose & Replacement Water Tank


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AVOTurboworld Upgrade Intercooler Kit for the AVO BRZ/FRS Turbo Kit comes with the thicker 3.5" intercooler which flows more due to its volume plus the increased entry into the intercooler on the hot side.  The entry size has increased from 2" to 2 1/2".  The intercooler hose is therefore larger in size which adds to the increase as well.  Due to running the larger intercooler hose the factory water bottle will no longer fit without modification.  Our replacement water bottle is smaller and will fit into the area no problems.  This upgrade will give you more horsepower, increased torque and more reliability if pushing the boost higher due to lower intake temperatures and less pressure drop.