APR BOOST TAP - 1.8T / 2.0T EA888 GEN 3 MQB


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Traditionally boost is tapped by spacing out the factory T-MAP sensor on top of the intake manifold. 


However, APR's engineers discovered using this location lead to inconsistencies in intake air temperature readings and potentially a loss of power. Upon this discovery, APR's engineering team went back to the drawing board and came up with a new and unique solution. 


Utilizing the included punch tool on a warm engine, a boost and vacuum reference port is easily spread opened on the factory intake manifold. 


The billet aluminum boost tap then connects to the port and uses dual Viton o-ring seals for leak free operation. The reference hoses connect to the rear of the tap via a barbed stainless steel connection point and conveniently routes through the engine bay. 


In addition to the boost tap, APR provides several extra components to help suit each individual's needs. For those requiring more than one reference source, a T-fitting allows for more tapping points. In the case where a mechanical boost gauge is used, the brass restrictor pill limits flow and cures gauge buzz. 


Just less than 100 inches of 200 PSI hose is included with OEM style ear clamps and black cable ties to allow for neatly routing hose through the engine bay

  • 1 Billet boost tap
  • 2 Viton o-ring seals
  • 1 Stainless steel barbed connection point
  • 1 Brass "No-buzz" mechanical boost gauge restrictor pill
  • 1 Tap cap
  • 5 Stepless OEM style ear clamps
  • 96 Inches of 200 PSI hose
  • 1 T-fitting
  • 5 Black cable ties
  • 1 Bag of anti-seize
  • 1 Tapping tool
  • Audi A3 8V 2015 – 2020
  • Audi A4 2017 – 2020
  • Audi A5 2018+
  • Audi A6 2012 -2018
  • Audi S3 8V 2015 – 2020
  • Audi RS3 8V 2018+
  • Audi TT 8S Quattro 2017+
  • Audi TTS 8S 2017+
  • Audi TTRS 8S 2017+
  • Audi Q3 2019+
  • Audi Q5 2019+
  • Audi Q7 2017 – 2020
  • VW Golf MK7/Mk7.5
  • VW Golf Alltrack MK7
  • VW Golf GTI MK7/MK7.5
  • VW Golf R MK77/MK7.5
  • VW Golf Sportwagen MK7
  • VW Jetta 2019+
  • VW Passat 2019+
  • VW Tiguan MK2 2019+