Control Arms/Braces/End-Links/Sway Bars

The design of the control arm changes as quickly as the design and production technology of automobiles. "Double wishbone" suspension has long been the standard on most cars' front. As you might imagine, the upper and lower control arms looked like wishbones.

They were sometimes called "A-Frames" or "A-Arms" depending on who you spoke to (if you're not familiar with poultry, the wishbones look like the letter "A" by the way). 

Meanwhile, body roll happens when you turn into a corner. As your car begins to turn, its weight is thrown to the outside of the corner, causing your car to roll in that direction.

Simply put, a sway bar is a metal crossbar that ties the driver and passenger side chassis and suspension together. You will feel its effects as soon as you crank on the steering wheel and enter a corner, a sway bar ‘springs’ to life to help control the weight shift that occurs during cornering.

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39 products